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Design a jewel box of an ultra-low-footprint apartment in 420sf (~39 m2). $70,000 prize pool

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??????? (Phidias 1.618) Golden Section - Dinner for 12

187. Rank6.72 Rating103 Ratings38 Comments3538 ViewsSubmitted on Nov 06, 2010
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View 1Credits : Borghese
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Golden Ratio Plan 13' and 8' Credits : borghese
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Golden SectionCredits : Phidias
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Phidias box (Earlier Concept)Credits : Borghese
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Dinner for 12


Working with the Golden Section - subdivided space with rotating walls for Dining area and Bed rooms

Dining Table, benches store into walls that swing into place to divide space and then close to conceal kitchen. The beds also hide in swinging walls that rotate back to create storage on their back sides.  The entire space can be transformed by rotating walls to varying degrees.
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